Vcu Salary Reduction Agreement

Exhibits D and G document the EEOC`s “Notice of Suit Rights” in Spain with respect to the first two allegations of discrimination/retaliation. Figure E documents the Spanish version of VCU mediation in a new administrative assistant position, as this would result in a reduction in her salary. Chart F shows that Spain has been offered a position as part of the “preferred recruitment procedure” at the VCU. Figure G contains the receipt of the Spanish communication on the Rights of Appeal of the Ministry of Justice concerning the first two allegations of EEOC filed by Spain. Appendix H contains Spain`s “bank deposit statements” from its termination date to the start of severance pay to support its claim for “general damages”. Figure I describes the “legal taxes” that Spain spends in support of this action. The authority may not manage a hospital in accordance with this section prior to the lease and agreement prescribed by this section and other agreements which, in the university`s view, are necessary or useful in planning the transfer of activities from hospitals to authority, except to the extent that the university authorizes otherwise. On 21 September 2007, Spain received a letter from VCU informing it that its position would be “deleted” the following month. On 2 October 2007, Spain was offered an alternative position within VCU as an administrative assistant at the School of Education, Child Care Development Center.

Id. at 5. However, since this position paid about $100 per month less than its previous position, Spain rejected VCU`s offer of employment. Id. Spain then applied for several other positions with VCU and other public agencies, but did not receive any job offers. Id. at 6, 7th D. Any expenditure resulting from the implementation of the provisions of this trust agreement, agreement, implementation or other agreements relating to a project, including those in which the Authority cannot be involved, may be considered part of the costs of a project. K.

If, for any reason, the authority cannot replace the university as a contracting party to an agreement relating to the financing, ownership or operation of hospital facilities, the Authority and the university may require the authority to act as an agent of the university in fulfilling its obligations under this agreement or with respect to obtaining the benefits of this agreement or on both parties. A. The Authority is placed under the immediate supervision and direction of an executive director, subject to the policy and instructions set out by the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer is the person holding the title of Vice President of Health Sciences at the Virginia University of the Commonwealth or another title that may be determined later by the University`s Visitor Council for the University`s Director of Health Sciences. Notwithstanding any other contrary legislation, the selection and removal of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the terms of appointment, including salary, are taken by the university`s Board of Directors and The Visitors` Board at a joint meeting of the university`s Board of Directors and Visitors, with the majority of the board members present and the vote at the aforementioned joint meeting, which operates separately. The Authority purchases group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment and disability insurance covering all or part of its staff. AMF staff are not required to provide, at their own expense, proof of insurance capacity that is satisfactory for basic group life insurance coverage. Every employee hired before July 1, 1998 has basic group life insurance at the same level of coverage as the Virginia reprocessing system.