Unc Charlotte Articulation Agreement

Dr. Kevin Lawton, Associate President, 704-687-8338, Office Duke 160 Miss Jean Bradford, Advisor, 704-687-5072, Office Smith 332 These boards offer courses to students considering moving from NC college to Unc Charlotte. . Transfers to engineering programs are recommended separately and a customized curriculum is prepared for each incoming student. . Ms Alexis Jennings, Councillor, 704-687-6341, Office Cameron 238 EI graduate students receive at least 60 hours of university education upon admission to UNC Charlotte. . High school seniors with alternating enrolment or early college credits are considered newcomers. Mr.

Ben Smith, Program Director, 704-687-5062, Office Smith 245 Meet with a Transfer Counselor – your best option for personalized service The uniform articulation agreement between the United Engineering programs and the nc college system promotes educational assistance opportunities for students associated with engineering degrees. For more information, visit the Uniform Articulation Agreement for the Associate in Engineering. . Some information is specific to individual programs or depends on the institution from which you transfer, so be sure to choose the guide that is right for your situation. UNC Charlotte`s Lee College of Engineering is home to students from institutions in North Carolina and beyond. We look forward to your journey to the engineer and encourage you to visit us to learn more about our offer. Please explore the transfer information below and contact us if we can help. Please complete the new student list.

Transfer students apply directly through UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Admissions . . . Students can move from a specialized community or university to UNC Charlotte`s engineering programs, with or without an Engineering Associate (EI) or Science Associate (AS). . Unc Charlotte Passport is a one-year program that applies only to invitations for beginner students and allows students to complete their first year of study in the central foothills while using academic advice alternately between the two institutions. The Lee College of Engineering reviews transfer applicants on a comprehensive global basis. These include scores from other institutions and UNC Charlotte. The criteria are: .

Tracy Beauregard, councillor, 704-687-8320, Office Duke 382. Students currently enrolled at University College (UCOL) should consult their advisor at University College (UCOL) to declare a leading specialist at Lee College of Engineering.