Mponline Kiosk Agreement

After clicking on your application, you will receive a profile in which you will also receive the application number at the top of the email on your email ID, as well as your registered mobile phone number The candidate will then visit the MP Online portal to register online with MP. For kiosk citizens on the online portal mp, I go and click the app for New Kiosk. Note: The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, once the payment has been made, the applicant will have to use an online installation to apply to MP Online, as this option is not currently available offline. Applicants can apply online on the MP Online portal. You must now add both photos to the operator`s photo appendix in the store or office and outside the store. Finally, check the ad and click Send. Once you click on the app for kiosk, you have a number of online MP term and condition rehabilitate, which you can read carefully and click Next.