Feed Study Agreement

EEF Methodology:[3] FEE is a way to consider a project before a detailed project is completed. There is no definite possibility of conducting a frontal engineering study. In general, FEE requires an engineer or group of engineers to thoroughly and logically examine a proposed project. Examples may be: the EEF is a basic engineering that is done after the design or feasibility study. The fee-design focuses on the technical requirements and the gross investment costs of the project. The EEF can be divided into separate packages covering different parts of the project. The FEE package serves as the basis for the tendering process for the execution of phase contracts (EPC, EPCI, etc.) and serves as a project base. Frontal engineering is generally used by construction engineering and civil engineering offices. These companies can operate in a variety of sectors, including: for more than 40 years, KBR has been recognized as a pioneer in the LNG industry and designs and builds one-third of the world`s LNG production. KBR, Inc.KBR is a global provider of differentiated professional services and technologies across the entire lifecycle of assets and programs within government and hydrocarbon services. KBR employs approximately 36,000 people worldwide (including our joint ventures), with clients in more than 75 countries, and operations in 40 countries, three global synergistic companies: Government Services, which serve government clients worldwide, including skills covering the full lifecycle of defense, from space, aviation and other government programs and research and development missions, to systems technology, testing and evaluation, program management, operations, maintenance and logistics of fields Technology, including proprietary technology, which focuses on the monetization of hydrocarbons (natural gas and natural gas in particular) in ethylene and petroleum products; ammonia, nitric acid and fertilizer; Oil Refining and Gasification Hydrocarbon Services, including Oil and Gas, LNG (liquefaction and regasation) /GTL; oil refining; petrochemicals; Chemicals fertilizer; Differentiated CPE; Maintenance Services (Brown – Root Industrial Services); offshore oil and gas (short water, underwater); Floating Solutions (FPU, FPSO, FLNG – FSRU); Management of KBR consulting programs and services is proud to work with clients around the world to deliver technologies, value-added services, integrated EPC services and long-term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results. At KBR, we deliver. Visit “We are pleased to be part of this Mexico Pacific Limited LNG project and to provide innovative LNG solutions for our customers,” said Farhan Mujib, PRESIDENT KBR Hydrocarbons Delivery Solutions.

“We believe that mid-level LNG projects play an important role in the global LNG market.” For more information, please contact:InvestorsAlison VasquezVice President, Investor Relations713-753-5082[email protected]MediaBrenna HapesExternal Global Communications713-753-3800[email protected] It turned out that the front or front store design greatly increases the prospect of success of the project. It is a bad saving to save money in the design phase, as these costs are much lower than the cost of modifications, payment of bad facilities and machinery, higher construction costs or, ultimately, for more money have to decrease to get the expected benefits. The first phase of end-of-project engineering design and/or design is how to determine project viability, study alternatives, define scope, and develop initial project cost estimates within agreed safety limits (based on time and resource used).