Dfs Purchase Agreement

For all deliveries to other EU Member States, with the exception of Ireland and the Netherlands, you must enter into a separate contract with one of DFS` trusted third-party suppliers for this delivery service. DFS delivers your furniture to the third-party supplier`s premises in the UK, where the legal name of the furniture is transferred to you. When you purchase your furniture, you also agree to enter into a separate contract with the ordered third party, which will deliver your furniture from their UK site to your chosen delivery address. The supplier in charge will provide you with a fee for this delivery and installation service. For administrative reasons, this payment is recovered by DFS Trading Limited and transferred on your behalf to a third party. It`s up to you! You can start paying a month from your delivery day or not paying for a year, then you can get an interest-free credit of 3 years. If you choose not to pay for one year, your first payment date is one year from the date you order. The exact date will be displayed on your credit contract” (Please note that your payments will start with the delivery of the first part if your order contains items with different delivery times). [Read more] The following conditions apply to any bookings you have submitted via the DFS platform regarding products to be purchased at DFS in a store. If you use the DFS platform to book a product, you are subject to these conditions. Sometimes additional conditions may apply, for example.

B for certain promotions or loyalty/membership programs. 1. The DFS platform is not an e-commerce platform and no online shopping transactions are concluded. On the DSF platform, there is no purchase price to pay. 7. Products or promotions not available or excluded: Products that are not in stock in the DFS store are not available for purchase. The price-match guarantee cannot be used in combination with discount coupons, codes, promotions or compensation offers and should not be used on each product. Please inform us at the DFS store about exclusions.

3. This promotion applies to all DFS members, new and existing LOY (“members”), who make a purchase in the following T Galleria of DFS, Macau Stores, operated by DFS Cotai Limitada (“DFS”), from November 1 to December 31, 2020 (including promotion period): A.